Saturday, May 22, 2010

How long does it take for a hamster to have its babies after it gets pregnant?

It took my hamster around 14 - 16 days when
she had her babies. Make sure you dont keep
them together too long after they are born b/c
they will start mating with one another %26 fighting
%26 that would be bad . The female hamster also
goes into heat every 4 days so if you dont want
more little ones running around make sure you
dont put the male %26 female together . To make
sure she is happy while pregnant give her a
dark hiding place to make a nest with some extra
bedding %26 stuff. I have experience with this so
if you want some tips on what I did just message
me %26 i would be glad to help you :]

yahoo - fallen_pixie07
i dunno
It takes sixteen to eighteen days. The period of time you're talking about is called the gestation period.
Not very long. I think it's 2-3 weeks or something. our hampsters got pregnant, and all I remember is they had babies quickly.
About three weeks. Maybe two, it depends on the breed of hamster. Syrian hamsters take about two weeks, but if you are breeding Syrians you should separate the babies into same-sex cages a week after they are born or you will have 15,000 babies within a month. Syrian hamster babies can begin to breed within two weeks after birth. Hairless hamsters take about three weeks. Hairless hamsters are the hamsters that I breed. I love them all, they are wonderful pets even though they don't have hair! You should read over the breeding articles on and see what you can find. That is how I started breeding hairless hamsters, I never could have done it without Hammy!But please do as I suggested and separate the hamsters you are breeding into same sex cages before they are old enough to mate! Hope you and your hamsters are happy with the answers and advice and if you have any more questions you can e-mail me. My Yahoo! e-mail adress is: Feel free to e-mail me, I haven't gotten an e-mail from anybody but Yahoo! yet anyway.
i think it was 2-3 weeks, im not quite sure. Oh and when the babies are born take the male out of cage IMMEDIATLY or it will eat the babies, some times its the same with the mom
three weeks put in sep. cage and get a lot of calm , let her alone . or she will eat her young toprotect them . sounds bad but that is possible keep her away from male

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