Saturday, May 22, 2010

how long does guinea pigs carry their babies for??

The gestation lasts from 63-72 days, which is quite long for such a small animal. Pups are already well developed, including fur, teeth, claws and full eyesight, when they are born. The young are mobile from birth, and depending on the environment, will usually venture outdoors within a week. Pups begin eating solid food after a couple of days, though continue to suckle also. Males may demonstrate courtship behavior (following young females and making a "warbling" sound) in the second or third week after birth. Litters vary from two or three young to as many as eight or more.
I don't know, but don't hold them up by their tails
Usually as long as a cat carries her babies, about 9 weeks.
60-70 days
The guinea pig's long gestation period (length of pregnancy) of 59-72 days is similar to that of dogs and cats rather than the other members of the rodent family (e.g., rats, mice, hamsters, and gerbils) that typically have a 21-to-28 day gestation period. This longer period results in well-developed (precocial) offspring that have open eyes and full hair coats when born and eat solid food within several days. The average litter size is 2 to 4.

The female guinea pig should be bred before the age of 6 months. After that time, pelvic structures fuse, and giving birth will be difficult if not impossible.
this happened to our gracie and we lost her and the baby. if your is older then 6 months and this is her first babies call your vet. then can do a c-section and she will be fine
Till their arms get tired.
about 63 days.
about 60 days
M guinea pig had her babies on the 62 day
until the babies are ready to crawl by their self
you already have the answer but someone said guine apigs should be breed before 6 months!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!! guinea pigs have mto be breed before 8 months and AFTER 6 months!! if a guinea pig is breed before 6 moths it is far to young and could be dangerous, after 8 months the pelivc bowls wont open.

hey i have 3 guinea and they carry there babys for 9 weeks just keep a good eye on her cause they go through alot of stress and need some comfort when giving birth.hope this has helped

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