Monday, May 24, 2010

How Many Pets Do You Have??

What Kind? Whats their Name? I have a kitten called Lily and two cats at my parents called mother and baby (hehe i know that is original)
we have 4 and occasionally any strays that wander our way. grace is 2 she's an american pit, than we have faith who is 4 months and an american pit/rottweiler. grace is her mother who really wasn't suppose to get breed.than we have walker,who is a year old manx tomcat that is graces' pet and our newest member is libra.she is 4 months old and just an ordinary mixed kitten that no one else wanted.
I have 2 Boxers,Roxanne %26 Paulie(I'm a member of NJ Boxer Rescue)a Chiuahua, Ellie Crumbles. 2 Horses, Zack %26 Tara and 4 cats Molly Missy Punkin and Sally!!
I have 2 dogs (Ranger and Snickers), 1 cat (Gracie), 2 short tailed opossums (Ricky and Lucy), 1 milk snake (Monty), 1 leopard gecko (Blayzee), 1 male betta (Bubbles), and 3 female bettas (Flamey and friends)
Dog, Rottweiler named Tiny a 130lb boy.
4 Cats Rusty, DirtyFace, Seal and Stinky the first 2 are boys the other 2 are girls.

I love the name Lily a puuurfect name for a cat,
Have a Great Day KG
I have a few:

-seven cats called Brandy Kitten, Mommy Rose, Chloe Fat Cat, Inky Button Eyes, LuLu Cat, Treacle, Annabelle.

-a dog called Jed

-a parrot called Kellog

1 male miniature Pinscher 4 years old named Morgan for short his full name is The Good Captain Morgan of Ghent. his nickname is Bunny Foo Doo long story on that.. very cute though :)

1 male cat also named Baby but I call him kitty. and monseur. He acts like an old snobby frenchmen sometimes :) no offense to the French I love all things French :)
One dog- Ginger. Six cats, two inside- Lucy and Sadie; four outside- Forrest, Zuni, Annie, Olivia. And one bearded dragon- Lenny. We had a hamster, Carl, but he recently died of old age, he was two.
I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. German Shepard name plume and a Rottweiler name jade. The cat's name ponpon and sylvestre.
I have a cat named Piper, two basset hounds named Mary Lu and Billy Bob, and basset-spaniel mix named Toby, a beagle named Jennet and a miniature dachshund named Susie.
4 dogs:
Dixie, Lab mix, 5 yrs
Sable, Husky, 6yrs
Maverick, Husky, 5 mths
Aurora, Husky, 5 mths
a beagle named Lulu and a black and white kitty named Ellie
I have 0 pets :(
I use to have a hamster called Lucky, a dog called Dino (after Flintstones pet), 2 terrapins called Trevor and Beth and five fish called Michael Jackson, Bubbles, Splash, Titch and Goldie.
LOL weird I know.
I would love a pet now.
i have two miniture schnauzers, one salt and pepper and the other and cisco. i also have a great boston terrier that is boarding with my sister right now named you can see unoriginal names rule.
2 dog.Pomeranian (Rusty) and a Bullneese (Maisy) A Sunconre parrott (Travis) Gold fish. 8 cats (Speckles,Max,Mufasa,Smokey,Sw. A box turtle. A Map Turtle. A bearded dragon (Bonzi).
I have 2 dogs, shih tzu named Cindy Lou Ling, a chihuahua name Toby Keith (my mom picked the name), 3 cats, Frisky, Kiki, and Zoe, and 1 bird its a cockateil named Simon.
we have 3 dogs Travis(mine) Rufus, and Scrappy(but he died not to long ago) so 2 really. 4 birds, Tilly, Spaz, Izzy, and one we never named. like 40 something chickens and only few of them are named and like 3 generations of cats and there are many names, Big n fatty, biscuthead, socks, DC, buggy, boogy, lil fatty and I think thats it
HAHA Oh boy. I have 8 pets:

Lola- wiener dog
Bella- miniature greyhound/chihuahua mix
Tork and Barker- Sugar Gliders
Chug and Keg- Leopard Geckos
A betta fish
An Orange Baboon Tarantula
i have no pets i wish i still had my dog missy
3 dogs isabella (black lab/australian hunting dog) coco (toy pooodle) tasha (german shepard/chow) 2 ferrets fribbles (siamesse) fanta (sable) 1bearded dragon mika
Sadie Ladie is a 14year old black labrador.
D'arcy Girl is a 8 year old german shepherd.(who is very friendly)
Big Fella is a hymalayan cat
Lucy is a big fat cat.
Miss Millie Mew Mews is a little mischevious cat.
9 pets-6 cats (Thomas, Toffee, Phantom, Tiger,Tortoise, and Yella) 1 dog (Bailey a beagle) and 2 horses Jake a TWH and Snow an Appaloosa
I have a dog names Tiger. He's a mixed breed {chihuahua and mini doberman.) He's a somewhat aggressive little guy, but is a great companion and thinks I'm a God. He is the true love of my life.
I have 14 pets! i have two dogs (pembroke welsh corgis) named Puppy and Duncan, i have a cat named Miss Frankie, two ferrets named squiggles and bandit, 7 rabbit named Rollie, Fatty Lumpkin, Missy Bo Jangles, Piglet, Tubby, Pookie, and Ponyboy. I also have two horses named Teejay and Max.

How many pets do you have?

What kind? What's their names? I'll be giving best answer to whoever i think loves them and describes them the best.
I have quite an intersting little family here in my house. I have a longhaired gorgeous black and white cat named Lilo. Lilo is very verbal, she talks back to me and even enjoys singing opera lol. She's my baby. I have a 2 year old grey tabby who is also very verbal.but actually, I'd say she's more VOCAL than verbal. She enjoys berrating me with her terrible angry meow when she is less than impressed with my behaviour. Then we have the king of the mansion..RONIN- the part Hotot part Dwarf rabbit. He has the run of two bedrooms, a hallway, and a bathroom. He is White with black circles around his eyes and is absolutely beautiful. When he's in the mood, he tollerates the cats in his territory, and he and Lilo actually snuggle sometimes. Rory like to chase him, but she knows when he's had enough and when it's her turn to turn around and run away. So yup, those are my babies :D

Can I count my room mate? lol
I only have one pet but its a dog and i love him SO much. even if i call him puppy hes really dig and his name is Simba(after the lion king) and hes a golden retriever. Hes about 3 years old and starts jumping around when you get home.. and he HATE the waters
Two dogs.
A springer named Chloe, and a shepherd named Shelby.
They are so cute, and I tell them every day.
That's all you're getting.
Gracie, a female Bassett Hound, 2 cats, 1 male, 1 female..Thor and Misty respectably, a wife (name unknown) and a partridge in a pear tree. (sam)
i dont have live one , but i have an inguana toy made of rubber , waooo h , its like is live , the feeling and color. i call it carlito. it only stay in ma room next to my comp keyboard to scare people . hahahahah , girls never use my comp bcuz of him . they get scared
First I have a Dachound,and a palmeranian mix. Her name is Lexus Lee. Shes really long, short legs and her ears are bigger than her whole body lol. Shes still a baby, and her teeth are falling out so her tounge is always hanging out. She wont eat her own food she has to eat the cats food. She barks at everything that moves. Its a really odd mix but i think she is adorable. Then I have a kitten names Buca Jo. She is a deluted calicol. When I sleep at night she trys nursing off my ear. She bit it once and I bleed everywhere! She also wont eat her kitten food she only eats dog food! Then We have a couple others that like live in the walls lol Maybe a couple squirrels and some Racoons. I have to block the chimney so they get out lol.
8 pets
2 dogs (Molly a Border Collie and Aiden a Winmeriner) 2 cats (Willow is black and white and Piper is all black)
I have a pal named Gabe. He loves me sooooo much, but mostly he is sooooo loved by our family. He gets really nervous when one of the four of us leaves the house. He will pace until we are all home. If all four of us leave, he goes to his kennel to sleep until we begin coming home again. He will always be on the same floor as me no matter what (I'm Mom), he knows the sound of my husband's truck from a block away (we live on a busy road), he knows when my daughter gets home from school he has just a while to wait for my son to get home. He is so nice and loyal. He's a pitbull/lab mix--really smart.

I also have a beautiful Betta fish named Pirate. I love how pretty he is and how relaxing he is to watch. I move his bowl from room to room depending on where we all are.
I have one cat named Tiger. He is extremely people oriented. He greets everyone at the door. He loves to be around groups, but not in the middle of them. Just so that he is around the action, he is happy. He is orange striped and lives in Auburn, Ala. with two Auburn University graduates (hence the name Tiger). He has so many fun quirks, but I am often told that he is the coolest cat around!
i have one persian cat, her name is mia and she is a princess. she even has her very own crown. she is a tabby, with a pretty little "M" on her forehead (hence the reason we named her Mia) she loves to play tag, and she loves to play with her "Babies"(you know, those little colored mice you buy at gricery stores) she also loves wet towels. right after you shower, she'll follow you up to your room, and wait quietly while you change, then once your done with the towel, she's all over it! she also loves it if you scratsh her head. she loves to sleep on a pillow aove your head when your sleeping, and she purrs so much. i love her more than chocolate.
three, two cats, angel and bo. and a mouse called mousey.
A shitszu - Charlie - who is as old as the hills and as sweet as can be. He might as well be stuffed since all he does is lay around now, but is still wonderful and much loved. A cocker spaniel - Homer - after the Illiad, not SImpson (although he acts more like Simpson (if he could talk his main word would be DOH) and is so loving and lovable it is both pathetic and fantastic, and last but not least, Archie, who is a cocker?shitszu mix, but is no relation to the other two dogs. We did build a bridge though between the cocker and shitszu with Archie, which I think is very cute. Each of them is a real scutch (pain in the butt), but are worth every aggravation and annoyance in that they are so loving. If I didn't previously believe in God, which I did, then these dogs would have proven His existence for me.
My husband and I, have 5 dogs. We have a chocolate lab "Jake", a black lab named "Doozer" (from "Fragel Rock"), 2 Chihuahuas "Mickey" and "Rico", and a Chihuahua/pug cross named "Miles". They are all rescues, all loved very much. We live next to the river and our labs love to go swimming! They have a great life are very healthy. They are well trained, obedient and the best dogs ever! They fill our lives with great joy!
I have 4 pets. I have two dogs. I also have two cats. Chase is my oldest dog. He is 9 years old and is a sheltie and rat terrier mix. He is very fat and short, but he is a very beautiful dog. His favorite toy is a ball or a Frisbee. My other dog is a Border Collie and Greyhound mix. His name is Sammy. He looks a lot like a short haired Border Collie. He loves to chew on raw hides. He is also skinny and muscular. His legs are 13 inches long. He could probably go from 0 to 30 miles per hour in about 5 seconds. He loves to run. Recently I just had my best friend pass. He was an orange tabby cat. His name was Kitty. He was 16 years old. I will never forget him. My new kittens names are Smokey and Bandit. After the movie Smokey and The Bandit. Smokey is a grey tabby cat. He looks just like my other cat. He is funny. He is smart. He is just like Kitty. He reminds me so much of him that I think Kitty was like reincarnated in him. Bandit is pure white with just a little grey stripe on his head. He has beautiful green eyes and he is very fat. I love them very much. These are my pets.
Cats, cats, and more cats!
No, really, only 5.
Noah, a black and white medium hair - adopted during a thunder storm.
Muff, an oversized white short hair - he looks like one of the muffs women used to use during the winter to keep theri hands warm. PJ, orange and white long hair - named by my son after a storybook character, PJ Funnybunny.
Peppermint, a long haired white cat, who's name I really can't explain, and I'm the one who named her!
And Sadie Marie, a gray and black tabby who's mom was a feral cat my friend took in - long story. Sadie just fit her - for some reason with the whole feral thing, I thought she should have an old fashioned name. Just don't ask how her big brothers and sister get along with her - things are still a little "tense" but, it will pass - it always does.
i have 5 pets there names are buster, Clint, SAM, Lillie and Leah. they are part of my family. they each have there own personality. I enjoy there company and look forward to there greeting when i come home. I love to care for them, the unconditional love they have is priceless.
Over 100 animals
1. Two french bulldogs - 2 years old, male white Sammy, black tiger stripe female, Paula..they are chubby and hilarious as always..when it comes to keeping the house clean they know who's boss.they will never dirty the house, because just my angry looks will tell them so. They hide whenever i show them an angry face.
2. Two japanese turtles - 10 years old, Turtle 1 male, Turtle 2 female..couldn't name them so i called them this way. They follow me wherever i walk, cos i'm the only one who feeds them. They love fish food.
I have exactly 39 pets yes 39. I cant name most of them because some are still babies but i will :) Most of my pets have been left at shelters and i pick them up because i can not stand a pet without a loving home

I have 3 dogs which will do anything for my family because i spoil them rotten
Rylai - Great Pyranese
Thor - German Shepard
Duke - Golden Retriever

I have 15 hamsters because i bought a very sweet one but i didnt know she was pregnant and neither did the store manager :(
Max- Golden hamster(kept seperate)
Kari- Black bear hamster(pregnant one)
And the babies who i havent named yet

7 Cats that for some reason love water
Calvin-orange cat
Hobbes-orange cat
Sylvester-tuxedo cat(thinks hes a dog)
Peepers- tuxedo cat(shes my favorite one always comes for love)
Garfield-orange cat
Peach- tan cat
Rugby- Calico Cat(girl cat also comes for love like peepers)

4 Ferrets LOVE to play in plastic bags they love the noise :) and their named after the fantasic four(All of them have been adopted at shelter)

2 Hedge Hogs they like to keep to themselves

8 Birds Who i love to hear in the mornin they are all canaries

My family helps me handle them and they give me the best time of my life.
I've got Budgies - loads of them, they each have names and I know them all. They live in an aviary outside where I visit them several times a day for an hour or two at a time. I also have lovebirds, kakarikis, cockatiels and quails in the aviary and these are VERY loud, but I love them all!!
My best budgie lives in doors and comes with me everywhere I go. His name is Juno and he is my pic ID. He loves to come out with me in the car and I take him shopping, he hides in my bag when we are in the shop. He hates it when I have to go out without him and he sulks and is moody with me when I get home. He sleeps on a swing above my bed and in the morning he jumps down and bites my feet to wake me up - he's my alarm clock!!
2 Cats One is a grey short hair with goldish green eyes, her name is Olive. The other is a pure white short hair with on blue eye and one brown eye, her name is Ivory.
2 Dogs They are sisters form the same litter. One is black, grey and white short hair with one blue eye and one brown eye. Her name is Lacey. The other is a tri color long hair with a blue eye and a brown eye as well. Her name is Kylie
I also have sharks, angels, gouramis, plecos and snails in my 135 gallon tank. As far as I'm concerned, they are all part of the family.
I have a female (spayed)Siberian Husky 2yrs old, Silver and White blue eyes. Her name is Timida Azul, (shy blue) because she is extreemly shy and has a bunch of medical problems with her hips, eyes and gastrointestinal. I got her when she was a little over 4 months old, she was the last puppy left, extreemly shy of everybody and everything. She broke my heart being all alone and cowerig in the corner of her kennel. She jabbers,and prances around. She is such a lady. Despite her flaws she's a wonderfully loving dog and I wouldn't have her any other way.

I have a male (neutered)Polish Boxer, 2yrs old, Fawn. His name is Duddley Done Right. He's extreemly friendly, clumbsy, energetic and thinks hes a 60lb lap dog. He has a deformed btm jaw and tounge, snores, farts, drools and has vivid dreams about chasing something. I rescued him from the vet clinic where I was working at, where he was 8 weeks old and barely 6lbs. He was sick and slightly deformed, and his owners wanted him euthanised. I couldn't bare the thought of this poor pup dying because his owners didn't want to deal with a sick puppy, so I asked the old owners if they would be interested in rehoming him. They didn't care one way or another, so I brought him home. Now he's extreemly healthy and my personal 60lb cuddle bug.

I have 6 parakeets, all named after the characters from the Friends Sitcom. Monica is a yellow faced and blue female, her man is Chandler a dilute green (lime green). Racheal is a lutino yellow girlie, and her man Ross is the typical green and yellow parakeet. Joey is a white, blue and yellow calico like pretty boy, and his girl is Pheobee is a yellow, green and blue calico like ditzy girl. Monica is the boss of the cage, she calls all the shots, Chandler is always taking the heat from Monica. Racheal is a sweet heart and so pretty. Ross loves to put out his two cents on everything. He's always got something to say. Joey is such a clown always goofing off and finding stuff he shouldn't be into, just like Pheobee, put something new in there and she'll be the first one to check it out. She keeps the humor alive in the cage.

I have a 9 month old Standard Heter Grey Chinchilla named Lita. She is such a sweetie, and so cute. I love to watch her play, eat, take her dust baths, cuddle her and watch her go round and round in her little exercise ball. When she gives you that look, you can't help but your heart melt a little bit.

I love all my pets, very much, I admire their different personalites and couldn't imagine my life with out them. They make my family compete
Currently, we rent, so we can only have caged pets. But, here's what we have:

10 dwarf hamsters- Tiffany, Amy, Flint, Riff, Raff, Jasper, Domino, Spaz, Charcoal, and Toffee. 5 girls, 5 boys, 2 were pet shop purchases (Spaz %26 Domino), 2 were born in 1 litter (Riff %26 Raff), and 6 were born into a 2nd litter (Tiffany, Amy, Flint, Jasper, Charcoal, and Toffee). We currently have them all seperated into 6 cage set ups.

7 hermit crabs, all purple pinchers, set up in a 40 gallon aquarium- Hermione, Racer, Shelley, Beast, Colossus, Shimmer, and Blue Ranger. We bought them in that order- Hermione first, then Racer %26 Shelley together, then Beast, then C-Los, then Shimmer %26 Blue Ranger together. They just got moved from a 20 gallon aquarium last night to our new 40 gallon. They seem to be LOVING it so far, so yay! So much extra room to explore. We also set them up with half sand (on one side) and half eco-earth on the other side. I have a long curved thick branch I found in our back yard in the tank, which takes up about 75% of the length, and provides awesome climbing for them.

Next we have a small plastic portable tank (maybe 2 gallons?) with an aquatic frog and a snail in it, no names.

Lastly, we have a 3.5 gallon plastic tank with a baby tarantula in it, a chilean rose haired tarantula named Oddish. Our 4 year old named him after a purple radish shaped Pokemon. In a few weeks, we'll be buying a 10 gallon aquarium with a hood to keep him in, but right now, he doesn't need the extra room, and in fact feels safer in smaller spaces. He's great to watch, though. He's big enough that we can see him spinning his webs, which looks cool. We have a small plastic tank we keep with crickets in it for feeding him. He's fun to watch eating, too. He watches the cricket until the cricket is dumb enough to approach him, then quick as can be, snatches them up. We've even seen him roll them in web, and stick them aside for later when he's hungry. Awesome.

How many pets do you have?

2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 rabbits, 3 fish
Your bored aren't you?
2 a dog, and a parrot.
in my house, we have 1 dog, 1 bunny, 1 cat, and 2 hampsters
1 pug named Abbey
1 orange %26 white tabby cat named Oona
%26 1 boyfriend named
2 dogs, 1 turtle, %26 1 fish.
I have got 2 dogs.
only one.. spike ma cute puppy
0 (zero)
i don't have any pets but i would like a cat preferably a calico so I'm waiting until i find one i like. i would name it Kaiso ^_^
50 guppy male %26 76 female
2 canary
7 male koi %26 10 female koi
5 cat
3 dog
2 inguana
6 it is a zoo
Counting the mousery, about 300+ animals all together.
i have a birdie which my girl loves to pet.. she has a pus_sy cat and i love to pet it too..
5 dogs, two cats, 2 birds, and a couple hundred humming birds that visit every year and eat non stop
1 horse, 6 cats, 1 dog, and 1 guinea pig. We used to have many more when we lived on a farm. I miss the rabbits, chickens, ducks, and my beautiful geese.
20 fish, 2 rabbits, 1 cat
LOL, I have three dogs four cats and a snake, l oh and do brothers and sisters count as pets, lol j/k!
five cats: Piacchi, Misha, Kobe, Nikki and KitnPlay.
4 horses, dog, cat and rabbit.

How many pets do you have?

i have 32 hamsters ,7 poodle puppies,2 adult poodles,13 goldfishes,a weasel,a parrot ,and 1 cat,and one lab and a turtle, 3 ponies,8 piggies,4 goats,2bunnies and about to be more 5 sheep,and 5 chicks and 3 chickens
all together theres 90 pets
i have 2 a dog and a fish
1 dog and 4 fat cats plus all the critters I take care of at work.
i have 1 dog at my moms and 4 cats at my moms. at my dads i have 2 dogs,2 rats and 2 cats
1 cat and alot of fish
I have 4 Scotties :)
3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 fish
2 female, and one male.
well as many as you want as long you can get them all some food. and have 3 dogs, 7 puppies, 1 Guinea pig
I am down to just one rat and one basset hound. I started training this basset hound for these people and they gave him to me. I must have been crazy to take him, but I couldn't see him go to a shelter.

At one time, 3 labs., 15 male bettas, 22 female bettas, 1 horse of my own (boarded) and training 6 others, an iguana, a bird, a big mouthed frog, a tank of African Cichlids and a red eared slider.

Life at my house was crazy for a while. Now I have just the rat and the dog.

Good Luck and Take Care
4 2 dogs and 2 rats
2 pie bald wienner dogs, 1 red eared slider (turtle) 1 leopard gecko, 1 bearded dragon, and a very sick cat poor little guy.
I have 2 golden retrievers, 2 indoor cats, 1 stray cat that I have been feeding for about 8 is feral and won't let me touch it, but comes for food everyday and I am also a foster mom to a 3rd golden retriever.
I have a 91/2 yr. old BullMastiff named "Bull" another dog we found on the highway in the middle of no where--a yellow lab-retreiver cross female and we called her "Twinkle" A cat that is 16 years old (grey and white) her name is "Jessica" Another kitten that is gray and a soft brown--her name is "Absenth" and a tarantula who I've had for 9 years and her name is "Ekalb" I love them ALL!!
3 horses, 1 snake, 4 dogs, 2 cats and a rabbit.
i have 2 dogs, 4 cats fish and a bird
2 birds, 2 dogs, 2 horses, fish, and a tortoise
I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. And thank goodness they all get along.
we take in rescue animals so we have three ferrets, four dogs, four rats, two sugargliders, five degus, three pedigreed mice, two guinea pigs, a cat and two birds.
2 dogs - 3 ferretts - 1 ginea pig - 4 rabbits [my huband an our 4 yr old son haha]

How many pets do you have?

* 1
groans tooo many 14 horses on the place a coon a cougar a wolf a old chalet bull 7 cats 3 dogs rabbits ducks geese ..2 calfs.a thing that rolls around in a ball i think its an angora hamster.a parrot..we rescue animals.we turn the wildlife free but they came back.lucky us.we live on a ranch.anything 4 legged is welcomed in and made pets out of.there free to come and go ..they opt to stay
3 fish
* cat
* none (darn apartments)
1 Prince my yorkie
2 Smokey my cat
3 two snapping turtles
4 fiish
2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 hamster, 2 fish, 3 turtles, 1 bird
17 pets

4 dogs

5 cats

3 hampsters

5 mice
1 my dachshund twinkie
2 my white furball Q-tip
3 my black cat mystery
4 my guinea piggy squeaky
5 my hampster smores
6 my beta fish fishy
yup six in all
i have a pitbull/boarder collie mix puppy who is 2 years old and a black and white cat who is 17 years old.
*1 - golden retriever
i love her so much!
1 rabbit
2 cats
4 brothers
Dogs: Dusty, Ares
Ferrets: Loki, Zahra (soon to be adopted: Pixy)
Goat: Henna
Pig: Baccon
Guinea Pig: Amunet
Rabbits: Calico, Bastet, Buttercup, Thumper, Sakmet, Gnasty, Keket, Naeemah, Andre the Giant, Marshmallow, Tyson, Kinky, Cailin, Molly, Whodini, Cadbury, Big Mama, Chunky, Chiquita, Monk, Big Red
i have *7 pets
34 pets
5 rabbits
2 dogs
3 horses
5 goats
15 cats
2 calfs
wild bear in backyard
7 Horses
4 inside cats
over 5 outside cats we trying to spay/neuter
Raccoons (Raucous and the 5 bandits)
Mr and Mrs Skunkles family (skunks)

Any other critter that calls us home. (coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, squirrels, cows, snakes, lizard) etc.
I have alot. I have 3 horses, 24 cats and counting.., we live on a farm and people keep dropping off cats, 4 dogs, 30 cattle well the cows you get milk from, 18 rabbits, 10 chickens, 3 pigs, 5 goats, 7 sheep, 2 draft horses, 8 fish, 2 exotic fish, 1 llama. Wait don't forget my 2 hampsters, and 1 gunie pig.
We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 cockatiel and 1 rat. And we might be getting more.

How many pets do you have in your family?

I would like to know because i luv pets please tell how many and what kinds. Thank you for your support to my curiosity.
One - cat.
As of right now i have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Workin on gettin some fish and some birds too. I also love pets, but you might have to check with your city. Some have limits. But otherwise just don't get any more than what you're prepared to take care of. Good luck to u!
I do not have pets in my family. I have two cats that are part of my family.
1 adorable doggie
I have a kitty and a guinea pig.
5 cats
Opie - Domestic medium hair
Ollie - Domestic short hair
Cash - Ragdoll
Stan - Domestic long hair/maine coon
Duey - Maine Coon

3 Dogs
Max - lab/border collie/springer
Shana - German Shepher mix
Jack - Heinz 57 - we think he's a retreiver mix of some sort

2 rabbits
Bazil - Dutch
D - dwarf mix

All are rescue/shelter animals
5..4 cats, and 1 cockatiel ( he talks) ! Also,10 chickens and 1 beautiful rooster
I have to dogs a mutt and a German Shepperd and my brother lol
I have; 1 cockatiel, 1 parakeet, 2 bettas, and 2 baby bearded dragons pretty kool huh =}
I have an Airedale named Lucy. I like to call her Lucifer.

I also have an adopted kitten named Bella. She showed up on our patio at 2 AM on June 25, 2006. Someone had dropped her off two weeks before she was supposed to be weaned from her mother. She has the most personality of any cat I have ever met and I love her with all my heart.

My last pet is my betta fish, Coxsackie. I call him Rodney when there are older people around, because there is a story behind his name that is way too long to tell over and over again (it involves my roommate having to go to the hospital). He gets really angry when people wave tissues at him.
we have one dog, Pugsley and one cat Oliver
i have 2 dogs, and a snake
A 6 month old black kitty.
I have a 10 month old border collie, and a 3 month old shepard/stafforshire mix that I just rescued :) sooo cute :):)
4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 rabbit and about 30 fish
I used to have eight rats, but they have all died. Now I have two dogs (both are mutts), a bird (an umbrella cockatoo), and a bunch of fish (including a bunch of baby fish).
I have two dogs. One is 18 years old. He is a mix between black lab and pit bull. The other dog is 8 and is a full black lab. I also have a cat. Not quite sure what type she is. She's brown with black stripes.
ok i use to have 1 gray chihuhua but he went out and some one took him he was like some one in the family. now i only have 1 chihuhua he is 2 months old
Many cats.
I have
3 cats

3 Rabbits
Niel white lop eared
Hoss checkered bunny
Sweetpea orange lop eared

3 dogs
Beau border collie
sammy chihuahua
Lucy a german shorthair

2 horses
fancy quarter horse
benny paint horse

bunches of cows

and a betta Ledoux
i have 3 dogs
doberman x Labrador
cattle dog x Labrador
foxy x jack russel

1 bird budgie

1 worm farm many worms

3 children
and 1 husband lol
A rock named Mat house broke too
Our family has two dogs, two turtles and many cows and calves, but I guess you wouldn't call them pets. I do have some pet calves, usually the ones who get sick and we have to care for them and then they love us. My dog is called Jessie and she is a Black labrador and is very naughty.
we have three dogs in the house, one to three dogs outside, there strays and one to three cats outside also
3 dogs.1 rat terrier Jessie ..2 German Shep mix Quincy and Harlie..3 fish of the goldfish breed King George and Wilma..they are about 6 inches long with long fins. 3 cats, they are all muts. One is kinda gray and white striped, Saturday one is black and white tuxedo, Sebby and is huge. They other is a smokey blueish grey with lavender color eyes. Angel. She's freakishly small and is very skittish. Then there's 1 hamster, Dart. He's black and white and brown. Short hair and just a plain 'ol hamster.
i have 4 rabbits an 2 dogs an 3 ferretts an a 10 gallon fish tank with gold fish in it.
2 ferrets, 6 gold fish, 3 tetra (somehow they all get along), 2 bottom feeders forgot the name starts with a P, petro something?, 1 african grey, 1 macaw, and 2 mini turtles.
4 cats-Theo, Charlie, Pocket and Fingers
5 rabbits-Bailey (he's 11), a minilop, Porkchop, a New Zealand White/Rex cross, Crofton, a minilop, Dizzy, an English Spot mix, and Ginger, a dwarf cross
1 horse-Queen B, a Belgian/Suffolk Punch X
2 horse
2 dogs
7 fish
3 frogs
1 lizard
6 rats
5 pets. 2 ferrets, 1 parakeet and 2 cats (b/f's cat is currently staying with me)

how many pets do you have and what r their names?

i have 27 cats and 5 dogs. its true,really.
1 Orange Kitty named Oliver.
14, dont kno moste of their names their my sister's
holy crap 1 bird,sun conure named sola
20 cats 6 dogs 3 exotic birds can't remember all their names
2 cats and a husband . Dale Jaxson and Brian
A guinea pig named Tostido.
1 dog, her name is Ebony
I have Boss, pictured, and that's enough. He's my baby.
2 pets - 1 cat named Koshka (it means "pussycat" in Russian, as he's a Russian Blue), and a fighting fish named Blue. :)
I have one therapy cat, his name is Ben.
One small Shih-Tzu named Gizmo
I have a wonderful Blue Crown Conure named "Bluto". His full name is Bluto Van Byrd.
i have 3 cats and two tarantulas
cats names---raven,crow,azriel
Well they say you can't have just one cat they're so cute, guess you REALLY love cats. I have 2 kitty cats, Muffin %26 Kiwi, and I have a 4 month old German Shepherd puppy named
2 gerbils. One named Ruby, one not yet named (just got her).
Two miniature Dachsunds:
Chilly and Sparky

Three cats:
One Maine Coon - Hairy Squatter
Black short hair - Stinky
White and orange med hair - Punky Bruiser

Chilly is fours old, Sparky is a three legged rescue dog;
Hairy is schizo, Stinky is my love, and Punky is the baby and patrols my desk for keyboard and printing activity. :)
2 dogs Cookie and Mlik, 2 rabbits Snow and Flake , and 2 tanks of goldfishes and tropical fishes.
2 pets
Prince the guinea pig %26
Madelin the horse
3 dogs 2 labs- labs- missy and bullet
chihuahua- speedy
two aquariums,three love birds,a canary,and my guinnea pig Spazz
I have two cats (Dia and Floeckchen), 3 Rabbits (Freddy, Puenktchen, Panda), 1 Dog (zusel), and that's it.
2 Rabbits- Dumpy and Joey Boo