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How long do rabbits stay pregnant?

If she is pregnant, her pregnancy will last for 28 to 32 days, and then let her do her own thing and look after her babies for at least eight weeks!

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One month. Give or take two or three days. : )
I think its 28 days give or atke a few, depending on stress.
29-35 days, but the average time is 31 days for your bunny.
Until they give birth!
not long i had 2 rabit who has 2 litters in 30 days but they will kill them if you leave male and female together
Squeeking and grunting often go along with hormonal aggressiveness in females, so that is nothing particularly special, but pulling out fur means she is intending to make a nest. That is a sign of either being pregnant (which, if your vet is good, shouldn't be the case) or going through a false pregnancy.

If it is a false pregnancy, it should pass fairly soon. Just to me safe, if she has had any access to a male (even through two seperate wire cages that were right up to each other.sometimes males and females manage through a wire cage LOL) it might be a good idea to offer her a nestbox.

Rabbits have a 28 to 32 day gestation (pregnancy) period, though occassionally they go as long as 34 days while still being fine. So if you wait 34 days past the last time she had access to a male (or two weeks from today's date, as that is generally the earliest a female will start making a nest before having her babies), and there are no babies, i is pretty safe to assume she had a false pregnancy. It would be a good idea to get her spayed, as well, if you don't want babies. It will help with the aggressive behaviour and false pregnancies.
Rabbits gestation period is between 28 and 32 days.I have never had a rabbit that has had her babies earlier than 28 days.they usually come on the 34th day of depends on the rabbit.i hope this helps you.
A typical rabbit pregnancy last generally between 28-31 days. A few conditions may affect this generalization though. Stress, temperature, and habitat are all conditions that need to be perfect. Also, do not keep the buck in the same pen as the bred doe, or the buck will kill the babies. You can find a gestation table at
a month
rabbits have a 29to31 day gestation period. It mainly all depends on the breed of ur rabbit
they say pregnant for a monthor two not long
About one month. You should really consider spaying your rabbit. They have very high cancer rates if they are not spayed.

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