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How long are guinea pigs pregnant for?

How can you tell when they're about to give birth?
Some of these people obviously don't know what a guinea pig is, 2 weeks? Ha, if only. When I got my first guinea pig [they are also called cavies by some people], I didn't know that she was already pregnant. I realized that about a month after I got her she was getting fat and that fat was moving, so I researched it. [ is a great site] Females can go from 60-75 days depending on how old she is, and how big the liter is, there can be from 3-6 babies in the liter. They come out with all of their fur, teeth, and eyes open. They will drink milk from mommy, but they can also eat solid food. The only signs that I noticed that she was getting ready to give birth was she was getting very lazy, she would hardly move except to eat and drink, which she only stopped doing while she had the babies. Good luck with your new wee ones.
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they are pregnant for 2 weeks and you cn tell when they give birth
Pregnancy lasts an average of 63 days. The larger the litter, the shorter the term of pregnancy .and vice versa. The duration of pregnancy for guinea pigs is unusually long when compared with that of other rodents.
Pregnant sows (females) exhibit a grossly enlarged abdomen during the latter stages of pregnancy. It is not uncommon for their body weight to double during pregnancy. The time of delivery may be difficult to determine because of the relatively long gestation period and because pregnant sows do not build nests. However, the week before a sow is about to deliver a litter, a slowly widening separation of the pelvis develops just in front of the external genitalia. This separation reaches slightly more than 1 inch in the hours just before delivery.
about 2 weeks.they get real mean when they are pregnant
till they give birth
The guinea pig's long gestation period.length of approx 59-72 days.
Pigs are pregnant for about 60 days. My mother got one that was pregnant before it arrived, not that she knew this. She got much wider and you could feel the babies if you felt her sides. They moved about and we realised she was pregnant one day, and she gave birth the next. Right in the middle of Coronation Street. Don;t worry about them giving birth, they get on with it themselves, just keep an eye on them. New born guineas are gorgeous.fully formed with hair and open eyes.proper guinea pigs, just tiny versions. Ahhhhhh.
No idea :::::::::
50-70 days. max of babies they can have one time is 5. but mine when i was younger had 4 or more. 2 boys and 2 girls. then her last liter she had 5. that was the longest pregnacy 70 days. but the babies where cute. the one that i have now only one baby has born (girl) and the other was stillborn, (it was all brown:( )
63 days approx.
Usually about 60-70 days

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